How to Choose a High Quality International Preschool Curriculum

In terms of early childhood education, what distinguishes an International Preschool from a regular preschool in the United States is that it is specifically designed to expose young children to the culture of other nations. A primary component of the International preschool curriculum is the study of a native language and the teaching of basic grammar. These two concepts are a solid foundation for early childhood education, but depending on your child’s level of understanding, there may be additional subjects added to the curriculum such as the history of the planet, mathematics, and science. The benefits of such a program are that not only does a child become more familiar with the basic elements of his or her own culture, but also learns a valuable skill for him or her to become fluent in another language.

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When selecting an international preschool, it is important to remember that not all organizations offering the services are the same. If you are considering sending your young children to an international preschool in New York, New Jersey, or anywhere else in the world, you should research each organization thoroughly. First, check their website to learn about their mission and what types of programs they offer. Then, call their local office and speak with someone who can answer your questions about the classes they will be offering and the staff they have available. Inquire about their academic and experiential programs, and if possible, schedule an appointment to speak with a representative of the organization to discuss your child’s educational goals.

When comparing different international preschools, it is important to find one that has a high success rate. The organization should not just boast how many of their students from the US have been abroad but should provide statistics on the number of students from other countries who enroll in the program. Ask about their success rate when comparing their curriculum with that of a regular public school. If a large percentage of their students from the US end up attending another school within the country after their first year, this is a very good indication that this particular international preschool is doing a good job of preparing students for their US education.

The American school system puts too much focus on standardized tests, which are a significant factor in narrowing the achievement gap between students in the US and internationally. A preschool in New York that emphasize daily activities, as well as quality interaction between teachers and students, will help prepare young children for success in school. This is especially important because many US students are already maturing as they enter school in New York, where teachers are required to teach daily activities such as reading, writing, and math.

If you are researching various New York preschools, you may want to visit the offices of the district attorneys in the various counties in New York City where the schools are located. These prosecutors’ offices provide information on each of the schools, the defendants attended as well as any infractions of the students were found to have committed. You may also contact the offices of the state’s top education officials, including the state’s attorney general, the state’s schools superintendent, and the state’s Department of Education. They may be able to provide you with more detailed information on the subject.

Before sending your child to an international preschool curriculum, you should also discuss whether the international preschool curriculum will require annual teacher training. The curriculum should cover topics such as literacy and numeracy, art and drawing, music, and foreign languages so that your child can participate effectively in the classroom. The primary goal of any educational program is to create an environment in which children succeed academically, so teachers must work effectively together to ensure that this goal is met.